« Alternative Banking and Social Inclusion » Conference

Conference at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, 7-8 July 2011

Conveners: Kurt Mettenheim, Getulio Vargas Foundation São Paulo Business School & Olivier Butzbach, King´s College Department of Management and Second University, Naples

SSFN members are invited to submit paper proposals for presentation and subsequent publication in an edited volume on alternative banking and social inclusion. Although case studies will be considered, preference will be given to broader comparative or thematic studies, and especially to unpublished studies of major savings, cooperative and alternative banking institutions in developing and emerging countries. Travel, room and meals covered for conference period.

Conference Summary:
This conference is designed to gather scholars, alternative banking executives and representatives from savings and cooperative bank associations to rethink strategies for social inclusion in the global south and launch a new policy agenda. Given the search for alternative strategies since the recent financial crisis, and the advances of stabilization, transparency and banking supervision in developing and emerging economies, this conference is designed to link alternative banking communities in the global north and south and shape a new policy agenda able to accelerate social and financial inclusion. Because savings banks, credit cooperatives and other alternative banking and finance institutions have realized competitive advantages during the recent crisis, we can now think beyond. Alternative policies may help developing and emerging nations redirect large domestic institutions such as postal and savings banks toward meeting the UN millennium goals to eliminate poverty. The goals of this conference are to produce an interdisciplinary academic volume on alternative banking and social inclusion and draft core principles for promotion and adoption by alternative banks and international organizations. Please propose only papers not published elsewhere to reserve copyright for publication in edited volume.

15 November. Paper proposals via email to kurt.mettenheim@fgv.br and Olivier.butzbach@kcl.ac.uk
15 December. Notification of acceptance
1 April. Completed papers submitted to conveners.
7-8 July. Conference at Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center

Further information and inquiries – kurt.mettenheim@fgv.br and Olivier.butzbach@kcl.ac.uk

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