Tadjeddine Yamina, 2010, « An Address in Mayfair or Vendme, Spatial Rationality of Hedge Funds  », Bankers Markets & Investors, Revue Banque, vol. July.

    This article deals with the seemingly paradoxical location of European hedge funds as a rational response to the constraints particular to this sector of activity. Instead of setting up shop in the wide open spaces of peripheral areas of big cities the way large banking and financial groups have, hedge funds have preferred to concentrate their facilities downtown in upscale districts such as Vendme, Marigny, Mayfair and Saint James Park. These districts now accommodate these start-ups of modern finance that advocate financial leverage, risk-taking and secrecy. This article is based on a dual quantitative and qualitative analysis of the location of hedge funds in London and Paris. I aim to show that their location in high-end areas is due to a rational informational approach, since their address is a signal to investors and employees alike, especially for independent firms that lack a reputation and refuse to provide information to the public.

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