Taupin Benjamin, Lenglet Marc, 2017, « Public vs. natural grammars: Complex domination in the financial intermediation industry », in Cloutier (Charlotte), Gond (Jean-Pascal), Leca (Bernard) (eds.) , 2017, Research in the Sociology of Organizations (Justification, Evaluation and Critique in the Study of Organizations. Contributions from French Pragmatist Sociology), n°52, p. 109-142.

    In this article, we make the point that managerial domination as described by pragmatic sociology is an appropriate notion to make sense of complex forms of domination in contemporary organizations. Based on Lemieux’s work on ‘grammars’, we complement approaches of complex domination put forward by pragmatic sociologists such as Boltanski and The ́venot. We illus- trate these ideas by means of an ethnographic study of the financial interme- diation industry. Our analysis sketches out an alternative conceptualization of power in such environments, and by so doing, helps us delineate the features that characterize complex financial domination. We conclude by arguing that this type of domination is the result of specific contradictions inherent to the grammars of financial intermediation. 

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